Why I’m sticking with Key Note

In my post I talked a little about Keynote VS Powerpoint and by the numbers keynote is not the winner, but…I say forget the old and quite clunky MS Powerpoint.

I am looking for something with options. Keynote has it.

I want something with style. Keynote has it.

I need something fresh. Keynote is that exactly.

I am sure by now everyone knows that keynote has some flaws, but it sure as shit ain’t the same ole crap from microsoft that is constantly just repackaged. Since it is the new kid on the block I am sure it will take time to get adopted by the all companies out there still using MS Powerpoint. With that being said it is growing. Like growing fast….really fast. There is this great all natural supplement out there that helps people to actually grow called growth factor plus. It is a lot like Keynote because it is the new kid on the block for growth supplements. Read about the top growth supplement reviews to get more info about that if you want.

Not so long ago I was feeling like I was not tall enough so I decided to try something new…well two new things. First I totally dumped MS products and completely switched over to Apple. Then I found Growth Factor Plus. When I started taking it I couldn’t believe how fast I actually started to grow again even though i an a full grown adult. What was even better was there were no side effects. Click here to read the growth factor plus review.

It was nice to see that not having powerpoint caused my no problems and key note worked as advertised. Thats why I am sticking with keynote and have totally given up on microsoft.

If you need to do some growing, you can grow into keynote with out side effects and you won’t regret it!!

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Top 3 Keynote Templates You Need

keynote-templateBy now you know how awesome we think Keynote is. With that being said, we figured we’d let you know what our top 3 keynote templates are.

*I made some up dates to this post after getting some new info, so if it looks similar to an older post…it is …a little.

So, with that simple and very short introduction lets get right to it… our top 3 keynote templates:

3. Mongo Keynote Template
This one made the top 3 because I finally gave in. There is nothing wrong with it, but just not the absolute best keynote template out there. But it has more than 300 pro slides. You can design in eith dark or light versions. It features drag and drop design and you won’t need photo shop and has some super awesome animations.

2. The Corporate; business template
So, this template is modern as hell, really straight forward and uncluttered. For me, I love that V6.2.2 is ready for retina display graphics ready out of the box and there isn’t so much extra crap in the way. Basically, it is all about BUSINESS! I can relate it to this all natural supplement I use for getting taller. Growth factor plus is all natural, has no side effects and works like a charm. So, just like growth factor plus, the corporate template works naturally , doesn’t have side effects, and actually work the way it is supposed to. You can read about growth factor plus at the following link; http://growthfactorplusinfo.com/growth-factor-plus-review and http://growthfactorplusinfo.com

1. Spot On Tempate
There is a reason this one made it to the top of our top 3 keynote templates list…This template is the shit! More than 4000 icons and fonts included! It is already to go just copy then paste and you’re on your way to an amazing presentation. There is a light and dark version available. You can select from more than 10 section break slides that are also packed in to this SUPER BAD ASS template!

Thanks for checking out our top 3 keynote templates post! Have a great day!!

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Apple Keynote presentation on Eye Safety When Working

You want to protect your eyes, but what if your eyes are not perfect?

You will have to find just the right prescription safety glasses. They protect your eyes and prevent injury, and also correct your eyes for great vision. You can find them at http://prescription-safetyglasses.com. Safety while working is paramount. They are made of polycarbonate material and also Ansi z87.1 certified. You won’t find this type at framesdirect.com.

The certification is a standard that meets certain requirements for the certification to be approved. They take the pair and subject them to many tests. One of these is to shoot a high speed ball which measures a quarter inch, made of steel, straight at the prescription glasses at over 100 mph.

Another test is where they drop an object from 50 inches, weighing over a pound, straight down onto the glasses. Polycarbonate is strong and so will pass these tests. Polycarbonate also blocks UV rays naturally so no coating has to be applied to the glasses.

Keynote Templates Rock

So why do keynote templates rock? Because you make your own presentation with it’s own flair and personality. When you use MS powerpoint you can change some colors and add some images or video, but everyone in the room knows it is another fucking powerpoint preso. Who want to see another presentation done in powerpoint? Not me for one.

Having a template to design up your presentations just makes it more original and interesting. It sort of grows on you, and people really like the extra touch of personality. It almost seems more natural to grow your presentation to new heights. It is a lot like growth factor plus, the all natural growth supplement, because it is natural, but engineered at the same time. Look, Growth factor plus helps even full grown adults to add up to 4 inches to their height naturally. Growth factor plus is not the only growth supplement out there. Click here to see the top 3 growth supplement reviews.

When you have a presentation software that allows you to create an amazing piece of art that can actually WOW your crowd you know it is special. That is why Keynote templates rock and that’s why you need to up your preso software today.

As Always thanks for reading and make sure to check out my other post on top 3 keynote templates – check it out here.

Post Source info  – http://apple.com/keynote | http://growthfactorplusinfo.com/buy-growth-factor-plus/

Keynote is King

keynoteiskingIf you have even looked over this blog a little you already know my feelings on Keynote. I f#*king love it! You also probably know I am no fan of MS Powerpoint. Maybe… and I do mean maybe, keynote isn’t perfect but we all already know that it is so much more innovative that any other software out there. I am going to lay it out for you right here:

1. Keynote is innovative
It is not the same old and out dated software you dad was using back in the ninety’s. There are tons of amazing templates out there, check my last post.

2. It is easy to use
This not one of those programs you have to learn over months and months to just scratch the surface.  check out 3 simple tips here.

3. It is growing
Keynote is growing and becoming more and more adopted by users of all kinds. It is a lot like a growth supplement that you would use to get taller. At first you start taking a growth supplement like Growth Factor Plus and maybe you don’t notice much. Soon you really start to see that you are actually growing. Your bones and joints feel stronger, you muscles look more tone and you hardly noticed any side effects.

After a couple months of taking it you write a growth factor plus review that talks about how it is all natural and how awesome the results  have been. Then maybe you tell people about the growth factor plus side effects and where they can buy growth factor plus, but before you do all that check out : http://growthfactorplusinfo.com

See, keynote is growing just like you would if you are to take growth factor plus. If you want to know more about how does growth factor plus work, just google it. If you are looking for more info on Keynote see the official site.

That’s it for this post on Keynote! Hope to see you soon!


Keynote VS Powerpoint

keynote vs powerpoint

I love Keynote and that’s my bottom line, but…I do have some problems with it. MS Powerpoint…boring, but easy and compatible.

So here is my quick Pros / Cons for both

Keynote Pros:

It’s freaking original and has some amazing templates that are available to really punch your presentation.

Powerpoint Pros:

It is compatible in both Mac and PC. It has been around forever and its long standing in the market place has probably been one of it’s biggest selling points.

Keynote Cons:

It doesn’t seem to play well with other programs (integration problems ). Visual Basic is not supported and that freakin’ sucks the big one for me.

Powerpoint Cons:

Humongous file size for just about any preso you could come up with. Add a little multimedia or have a lots of text and you might need another hard drive just to store your project.


So you might be wondering “well which is better?” I really love Keynote, but I’ll use an analogy that might help;

So, you have a nail infection and need an antifungal treatment. You find a site that offers 2 different antifungal nail treatments.

The first, Nail Clear, antifungal has been around for a long time and has a lot of average reviews  as well as a few good ones. The other, Zeta Clear,  has fewer reviews, but the reviews are amazing.

Nail Clear is made with a lot of nasty chemicals, but Zeta Clear is made with all natural ingredients. You can buy Nail Clear and it will help, but you won’t be wowed. If you look closer the Zeta Clear reviews people are talking about how Zeta Clear works and are happier with it overall.

I would go with Zeta Clear because people seem to be happier with it overall. Read more about it here: http://www.antifungalnailtreatment.com

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3 Easy Keynote Tips

No matter what type of presentation you are putting together or planning to build we put together a short list of really easy things you can do to really punch up your project. So, with out anything else getting in the way, here we go.

#1. Try using screen shots or dingbats in place of heavy graphics.
First off, using dingbats is different. Different can be great if you are looking to make an impression. Secondly,  using screen shots is really light weight. It for sure won’t hold you back or slow you down. The first time I figured this out when I was doing a presentation for this fat burning diet pill and it’s side effects,  here is a link to all the info: http://phen375overview.com/phen375-side-effects/ . Every thing was simple and just worked smooth.

#2. Instead of using the key board integrate your iPhone.
This one is just simple cool. Instead of reaching over the keyboard, of saying “next” to who ever is at the laptop, integrating your iPhone or iPad is simple and show a good command of the technology you are using. Did I mention it’s simply…cool?

#3. Don’t go crazy using transitions and animations.
As cool as a wild animations are, and as awesome as screen transition can be keeping it simple can be a solid way to go. Less transitions and animations keep things simple and give it a real flow, so give it a try and see how it works out.

Keep checking back to see more of the tips we’ve got for you to check out. We hope you can get some use out of what we post.

sources – Apple Keynote / Phen375overview.com