3 Easy Keynote Tips

divinefiat-keynote-tips-and-tricksNo matter what type of presentation you are putting together or planning to build we put together a short list of really easy things you can do to really punch up your project. So, with out anything else getting in the way, here we go.

#1. Try using screen shots or dingbats in place of heavy graphics.
First off, using dingbats is different. Different can be great if you are looking to make an impression. Secondly,  using screen shots is really light weight. It for sure won’t hold you back or slow you down. The first time I figured this out when I was doing a presentation for this fat burning diet pill and it’s side effects,  Phen375 Side Effects. Every thing was simple and just worked smooth.

#2. Instead of using the key board integrate your iPhone.
This one is just simple cool. Instead of reaching over the keyboard, of saying “next” to who ever is at the laptop, integrating your iPhone or iPad is simple and show a good command of the technology you are using. Did I mention it’s simply…cool?

#3. Don’t go crazy using transitions and animations.
As cool as a wild animations are, and as awesome as screen transition can be keeping it simple can be a solid way to go. Less transitions and animations keep things simple and give it a real flow, so give it a try and see how it works out.

Keep checking back to see more of the tips we’ve got for you to check out. We hope you can get some use out of what we post.

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